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Zinhle, My Darling!

Zinhle, My Darling!


This is my precious new Swazi friend, Zinhle! When I met her she was wearing a torn school uniform and I was confused as to why she was at the care point so early in the morning. "Shouldn't she be in school now," I said to the go-go through the translator. The go-go explained that she, and some other children, had gone to school that morning but had been sent home because their families had no money to send for school fees. My heart broke when I found out how much Zinhle's fees were-- 609 Rand or just $100US for the entire year. I made arrangements to pay her fees and it feels so good to know that Zinhle is back in school now! Praise God! Education is the key to getting these children out of poverty. Don't think for a moment that I am boasting in myself! I am boasting in the Lord! "To whom much is given, much is required!"